How we work


We design our OEM products in strictly cooperation with manufacturers: our goal is to realize tailored solutions and innovative for our customers.
Our R&D focuses to technologic innovations to make new products and improve the existing ones by using programs like solidworks and catia v5.


For a perfect aesthetical integration into the vehicle, we study an ergonomic Design basing on functionality, fixing and security requirements respecting regulations in force, environmental too.

We use design systems integrated with the ones of our Customers (co-design).


We develop internally prototype of plastic components with 3D printer for dimensional and coupling verifies.
We produce resin molds with numeric control cutters, from which we obtain components aimed to first functional tests.
Fabrics are cut hot, cold or with laser machine.

During project end phase, we define molds and tools for new components.


During product industrialization phase, we coordinate molds and tool realization for new components, by external suppliers with proven experience in the field.

We have new and technological facilities for fabric working which allow us, thanks to our people professionalism, competence and experience, to maintain high quality standards and to respect during serial production the specific requirements agreed with Clients.

We designed here by us, specific “working islands” for components assembly and for quality control of semi-worked and finished products.

Each production phase is checked in real time through software.


We implemented our customer care, aimed to satisfy our Customer needs with continuous improvement.


Warehouse is able to upload and download large volumes with the support of an advanced management system.

We manage all orders and warehouse on time, and we develop specific packaging for deliveries all over the world, following our Customer requirements.